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The streets of Brooklyn can be a very brutal and unforgiving environment for the homeless- especially in times of extreme weather events, and major holidays when most persons are home in a warm, comfortable environment spending time with their loved ones.

For the last 10 years, Kemar Blake – the founder of Bellyful Restaurant and Bar in Brooklyn has been involved in a very noble project of feeding the homeless all across Brooklyn. Kemar uses significant personal occasions such as his birthday and major holidays to execute this initiative. In recent years, he has co-opted his young children to use their birthdays as well to engage in building a tradition that will positively impact the lives of some of Brooklyn’s most unfortunate for years to come.

This initiative has now been formally adopted as Bellyful’s core Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project.

Given the very large homeless population of Brooklyn and by extension New York, as well as Bellyful’s vision to increase the frequency and reach of this initiative, we are seeking corporate and individual donations to help us accomplish this. We believe that together, we can certainly serve more people in need and build a legacy that will impact hundreds and even thousands of lives positively for years to come.

Corporate and individual sponsors who donate in excess of $500 in a calendar year to our Feed The Homeless Outreach Program will get their names listed on Bellyful’s “My Brothers’ Keeper Plaque”. This is a plaque that will be prominently displayed on the first floor of Bellyful, and it will list the donors who have been unwavering in their support and contribution to the execution of this program.