Bellyful Restaurant

Restaurant & Bar

Welcome to Bellyful

Located at 2102 Utica Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, Bellyful Restaurant & Bar opened its doors in July 2018.

The majority of our dishes are inspired by classic and timeless Jamaican recipes. While it is guaranteed that your taste buds will come alive from dishes infused with flavors from the Caribbean; the food at Bellyful is just the beginning of your overall culinary experience.

The cozy and intimate surroundings at Bellyful will make you feel right at home, while our accent pieces will serve to showcase elements of Pan-African culture.

Our commitment to showcasing and preserving the fruits of Mother Earth and our culture continues with other aspects of our overall setup. Our tables for example are made of solid, reclaimed Mahogany that is almost 100 years old.

You are also guaranteed to hear timeless Reggae music pulsating in the background, providing you with the perfect conversation accompaniment.

We invite you to come for the food, but we guarantee you’ll stay for the unique experience of food and culture colliding in the most beautiful way possible.